CAN Your Broken Garage Door Opener Be Fixed?

If you have ever pushed your garage door opener button and had no response, your mind may have immediately gone to, “It’s broken”. Although that may ultimately be the case, it’s also quite possible that it can be easily and affordably repaired and your garage door opener will continue to serve you for years to come.

Garage door openers, much like most other mechanical devices, contain a series of gears which work in unison to enable the garage door opener to assist the torsion springs in opening and closing your garage door. Over time, the gears in the garage door opener may become worn to such an extent that they are no longer able to do their job. The good news is, “the gears in your garage door opener can be replaced”, and the expense is considerably less than replacing your garage door opener with a brand new one.

Of course, there may be problems other than worn gears that prevent your garage door opener from working. As an example, a defective circuit board could also be the culprit. In any case, Able Garage Door Service can quickly and easily identify the source of your garage door opener problem and recommend a solution. Quite often, the problem may simply be that a part in the garage door opener, such as the gears, has worn out and needs to be replaced and most repairs can be completed successfully in a relatively short period of time.

At Able Garage Door Service, we will do our best to keep your garage door repair costs at a minimum, yet provide you with the highest standard of service. Whenever possible, we will replace worn out parts with new ones and restore your existing garage door opener to its previous condition.

If your garage door opener stops working, please call Able Garage Door Service before you decide to replace it and “let our good sense save you dollars”.