COMMON Garage Door Repair Questions

What kind of garage door repair can I do myself?

What kind of garage door opener repair can I do myself?

Does garage door repair and maintenance take special tools?

Is any of my garage door repair covered by my guarantee?

Are garage door repairs covered by my insurance company?

Are my garage door springs covered by my guarantee?

Can a garage door repair person fix my remote?

Most garage door and garage door opener repair should be done by a qualified professional. Some garage door repairs and garage door maintenance that can be done by homeowners;

  • Lubricate your garage door hinges & rollers.
  • You can adjust your photo cells.
  • Replace batteries in remotes.
  • Replace light bulbs in garage door opener.

It is a good practice to inspect your garage door and opener on regular basis. Some things that one should check would be frayed garage door cables, broken or bent rollers, bent or misaligned track, broken or sagging springs, overall condition of the door hardware and signs of wear or bends in the door panels.

Garage door repair does take specialized tools that most homeowners will not have on hand.

I can only speak for Able Garage Door when it comes to the question of what is covered with the garage door guarantee. Anything that needs repair that is covered by our warranty will be replaced or repaired by Able Garage Door at no cost to you.

Many of the more typical repair problems that face homeowners can be fixed. We repair more garage doors and garage door openers than we replace.

Two of the most common calls for garage door repair that we get are for broken torsion springs and photo cells being out of alignment.

If the torsion spring (this springs sits above your garage door with a metal rod running through it) or an extension spring (these springs are to the side of the door near the tracks, one to the left and one to the right) breaks, it removes all the tension off of the door causing it to become extremely heavy, or unable to lift at all. Trying to repair this yourself can be very dangerous and is not advised! Please call and schedule an appointment.

The other reason that your door may not close is your photo cells at the bottom on each side of the garage door are out of alignment or something is blocking their reception. These sensors are there as a safely device so that nothing is crushed under the door. This only affects the door closing. Usually the door starts to go down and then reverses or will not try to close at all.