For the last 2 weeks my garage door made a terrible grinding noise as soon as the door was about 3-4 inches off the ground. Tim immediately explained to me the most likely problem was and told me he would look to see if that was the case before we did anything else. Sure enough it was that piece that rides the track and pulls the door off the ground. He had the piece right in his truck and took him 15-20 minutes to get it off and put it back on. When I asked him about a remote control for the door, which I didn’t own, he looked at everything and again…pulled it right out of the truck, programmed it, and good to go! Tim was respectful, informative, and provided helpful suggestions but never trying to up-sell anything. The fact that I called him early on a Saturday and he was here within 2 hours, which was the time he promised, that was fantastic! This is the 2nd time I use Able Garage Door Service to help get my garage door back on track. I’ve been impressed both times! I would highly, highly recommend him.