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Able Garage Door Service: See What Our Tucson Customers Say!

Looking for honest reviews about Able Garage Door Service in Tucson? Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our expertise, service, and professionalism. We’re committed to your satisfaction!


March 25, 2018|

I just want to give credit to Able Garage Door services…fast, friendly, trustworthy, local. The fellow came over right away and fixed our garage door. Would definitely refer.

– Cori Collins


February 3, 2018|

Tim was going to schedule an appointment to fix my garage door for Monday but since he was in the area he ended up fixing it the day of the phone call! Definitely going to be using him for any upkeep!

– Anthony Valenzuela


February 1, 2018|

We were pleased with the promptness of Tim’s visit and the quality of the work. Being a Mr. Fixit guy myself, Tim had no hesitation with sharing the nuances of the task. He knows that maybe people like me CAN tackle this, but it would be an all-day affair to learn as I go. His efficiency was well worth the very reasonable cost of his service.

– Byrd Staword


August 5, 2015|

Michelle Ruiz  Excellence service!!!! He replaced my spring in no time, thanks you!!


July 30, 2015|

Outstanding customer service! Myself and many of my clients have used Able Garage Door and have been very satisfied with his work. Highly recommended. Angelica Spears at HomeSmart Realty


June 23, 2015|

I needed an after hour service call. The garage door was partially off the rail and hanging over my less than 30 day old, 2015 vehicle.

Tim arrived w/in 45 minutes, identified the problem, explained the repairs needed and made those repairs quickly. Tim is a true professional, providing true customer service. I will happily refer Tim and ABLE Garage Service to family and friends.

Thank you Tim!


October 27, 2014|

As I framed in the front of my garage I needed to know the exact measurements to make sure the door would fit. Mr. Hale came out and gave me the measurements after looking at the progress I had made on the framing. His knowledge and expertise was of great assistance.

Once I had the garage framed, Mr. Hale returned and installed the garage door. It is beautiful and it added great value to may home. It has worked great for the last four years. I would have given Able Garage Door and A+ had Angie’s list had that as an option in the grading scale. I have recommended Able Garage Door to many people over the last four years. Everyone has given me excellent feedback. If all the business owners had the integrity Mr. Hale possesses the word complaint would not exist in our language.


October 20, 2014|

I have used Able Garage Door Service for garage doors. He totally replaced the motor mechanism.

He was just fantastic and everything was really professionally done. He showed up on time and went over my options with me. He showed me how to program my car for my door and cleaned up everything. He also told me the only thing left that could go wrong is the spring and if that were to go wrong, do this, don’t do this other thing because it would damage the motor. That happened about six months later and he told me over the phone how to get the door down and then he showed up the next morning and replaced that part. His price was also good for the quality.


September 29, 2014|

Had to replace the entire garage door — minus the opener. |The owner personally came out, took the measurement, ordered the replacement door, and came back to install the whole thing. |Very happy with the quality of his work!


July 4, 2014|

We were able to get an appt. the next day (Tues.) at 9:00 a.m. while a couple others we called could not come out until end of week unless we wanted to pay an additional fee for “emergency” service.


May 24, 2014|

My garage door had not been serviced for several years and I wanted a tune-up done. In addition, I was concerned about the chain slapping back and forth and making noise when the door was raised…I was afraid I might have a bigger issue than just a tune-up. Tim came out as scheduled. He pointed out the problem with the chain…basically, it was acting the way it was because its point of contact above the box had not been lubricated in quite some time. He then explained the garage door mechanism/system and showed me what parts should be lubricated on a yearly basis. Tim was wonderful…I would use him again


May 17, 2014|

Tim was great. He arrived promptly explained my problem fixed it. He also took the time to tell me how to prevent this from happening again and he checked the entire door. Fixed the rubber on the bottom and sprayed all necessary parts. I will recommend him to anyone who needs this service. I live in the three points area of Tucson and it is hard to get people to come out. Tim never hesitated and arrived the very next day.


April 23, 2014|

Over Easter weekend, we found our 16 foot garage door suddenly wouldn’t close. As it went down, it would buckle and drop, putting more tension on the motor and causing it to reverse. We called several companies on Angie’s List with good ratings and, Tim, of Able Garage Door Service was the only company to call back over the weekend. He quickly set up an appointment to come to the house Monday morning to investigate and, hopefully, to fix the door.

He arrived on time and quickly diagnosed the problem—a cracked panel. We had feared it might be time to replace the door at a $900 to $1,500 cost, after all it is the house’s original garage door so it is 27 years old. He reassured us that he could repair it. He had the proper part on his truck—a 16 foot metal strut, which would keep the door from buckling and dropping at the site of the crack. He quickly did the repair, adjusted the springs, inspected and lubricated the rollers and tested everything to make sure all worked well.

He was generous with his time and took time to point out that two other panels in this door have cracks and he gave us useful information about what we might expect in the future with this old door, which is nearing the end of its functional life. He took the time to explain that garage door springs will, sooner or later, break and he showed us how to open the door after a break, so we can get our vehicles out until a repair can be done. He asked if there was anything else he could do before leaving and it occurred to one of us that we had not been able to successfully program the garage door button built into our Lexus SUV when we bought the house 2 1/2 years ago. He kindly offered to program it for us and quickly did so.

Over all, we were very pleased with his responsiveness, availability, punctuality, professionalism, skill, expertise, quality of customer service and surprisingly low charges for the repairs, with inspection and door servicing.


April 22, 2014|

The technician arrived on time, very friendly and knowledgeable. He said there was a short in the wire of the opener itself, and even if he fixed it, it may not last. The door was too heavy for the opener, and both are very old. He fixed it and it is still working.


February 16, 2014|

Responded to my call quickly, showed up on time and completed the work efficiently and was very professional. Price was reasonable and Tim gave good tips for maintenance of my garage door and opener. Would not hesitate to use him again.

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